Sunday, October 26, 2008


A few weeks ago my family got together at my dad's house. My little niece, Kylee, who is 3 years old, decided that she wanted to be a cosmetologist. She's a natural. Within a few minutes of being there, she worked her magic and somehow managed to get my short hair into these lovely ponytails. I tipped her a quarter and bribed her with another quarter to attack another innocent bystander.

I'll Get You My Pretty...

Yesterday we had our annual work Halloween party. It was a first for me, considering I've only been with the company for just shy of a month. They were in need of volunteers to help. Since I suffer from the "I can't say no" syndrom, I was among the first to sign up. Actually, I said yes to this because it gave me an excuse to paint myself green and play the role of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch".

Good things come to those who volunteer. I met a guy there. He didn't say much. But he seems really nice.
Don't we make a cute couple? I had a hillarious time standing next to this cardboard cutout and scaring people as they walked by. I made a few children cry and I wonder if they'll be scarred for life.

My friends, who were so generous to come and help, had a little fun of their own.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Original 4

A little over 2 years ago I bought a house. Since then, I've had 6 different roommates. These are the original 4. Lisa, me, Melissa and Tawny. There was never a dull moment when the four of us lived together. I think there was more laughing than sleeping that went on in the house.

One of my favorite memories was a birthday party my roommates threw for me. It was a "Perfectly Pink" party. I love the color pink, especially bright pink. The house was decorated with tons of pink balloons and pink streamers. My cake was pink and my friends showed up wearing pink. I don't know how much they had to pay the guys to show up in pink. But it was worth every dollar. Everywhere I looked, I saw pink. It was awesome. The funnest part of the party was when someone started singing after enjoying the helium from the balloons. I hate to admit that we actually did this. I've heard it kills brain cells and actually can kill ya. We might as well have pulled out the stake knives and played "Spoons" with them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Did someone say Bunco?

Who would have ever thought a game of throwing dice would lead to so much craziness, laughter, bonding, and the best abdominal workout from laughing? I admit it. I'm one of the many women in Utah who's in a Bunco group and thoroughly enjoying it. It's a great excuse to get together will a bunch of the women in my family, get wild and crazy, and have a great time together. We decided to do a different theme each month. We had a Vegas style and this last month was Halloween. It's funny that 3 of the 12 showed up as little devils. I'm curious to see what the theme will be next month.

all i need to know i learned in kindergarten

I have had some interesting jobs the past few years. My greatest adventure took place last year as I attempted to teach, more like survive kindergarten. Normally a teacher is licensed and has had a few years to gather ideas, learn discipline techniques that actually work, and has had experience in a classroom. I decided to take a different route and jumped in the deep end of the pool knowing that I did not know how to swim. I didn't even attempt to put on arm floaties before I jumped in. I went running so fast into the pool that I didn't have time to think about how I was going to swim. My options were to sink or swim. So I started doggy paddling as fast as I could. It's amazing how I was supposed to be the teacher and yet I think I did the most learning.

I have to admit, there were days I wondered if my students would ever learn the difference between the letters b, d, p and q. I wondered if they'd learn that a chair is for sitting in and is not some sort of devise used for getting from point A to point B across the room. I wondered if they'd learn that they have the potential to become the doctors, scientists, police officers, artists, bakers, teachers, mothers, fathers, etc. that they pretended to be at play time.

It was quite an experience. Looking back now, I'm grateful for the experience. But I'm even more grateful that I realized it's not my passion. It takes an amazing person to be able to teach and shape the lives of these little critters. It takes a passion to survive. It gives me a greater appreciation for teachers who do it from year to year.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mid-Life Crisis

Is it possible to go through a mid-life crisis at age 30? Within the past few months I purchased my first I-Pod, got wireless Internet at home, bought a groovy pair of high hills that I can't wait to wear, and starting hanging out with a whole new group of friends who are all under the age of 22. Had I run out and bought a brand new convertible, red or course, I'd be a little concerned. Maybe I'm realizing there are thing worth purchasing that bring a little happiness in life. For example, my new hills. And, my new friends are so much fun and help me from growing old. They let me get away with saying I'm 23 and holding. Needless to say, I'm doing things I should have done years ago. Hence, the blog. Within the past year, 5 of my closest friends ditched me for various reasons and moved out of state. I'm still trying to not take it personally. :) I've realized that this is a fun way to keep in touch and publicly humiliate myself from time to time. So, here it goes...