Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Halfway to 62

On Monday I celebrated my 31st birthday. Do you know how hard is for me to admit that I'm halfway to 62? I'm single, living in Utah, still attending a singles ward, and attempting to embrace the fact that my child bearing days are not over. Heck, they haven't even begun. In an attempt to make me feel better my friend kept referring to it as the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday. Yahoo! That makes me feel so much better. All of a sudden I feel 22 again.

The day began with waking up with a sinus infection. A few hours later I treated myself to a trip to the dentist. I wanted him to be able to share in the joy of such a wonderful day. In addition to my new purple toothbrush, he gave me a birthday gift... an appointment for a root canal. How thoughtful. How did he know that's exactly what I wanted for my birthday? The gifts get better and better each year.

So this is what 31 feels like? It's overrated. Now I know why people start drinking. Even though my morning started out quite delightful, the evening brought on the real reason I loved turning 31.It was a great excuse for a party and to surround myself with great friends. I guess you could say by the expressions on their faces that they were:
  • Shocked because I don't look a day over 24
  • Happy for me because at least this explains the gray hair I keep yanking out
  • Super excited because now I get the trophy for being the oldest member of our singles ward
  • Completed disgusted that I'm closer to 62 than they are
  • and happy because it means free cake for them
I bribed them with cake to be normal for 2 seconds. They let me win our competitive game of Apples to Apples.
And, I got my favorite hot chocolate from 7-11. Thanks Kevin!
I guess turning 31 isn't so bad after all.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year... New Experiences

I rung in the new year in a way that I never have before. When I turned 30, I was determined to be more assertive. I decided that rather than waiting for things to happen, I was going to make things happen. I have forced myself to be more social. One might ask how is it possible for a social butterfly to be more social?

Well...let me explain. I can't believe I'm admitting this. But part of my New Year's resolution, in addition to my being more assertive, is to embrace life and live it to the fullest. I'm determined to get rid of things that have been inhibiting me from living life to the fullest. Life is meant to be enjoyed and that's what I'm going to do. We talk about things we'd like to do someday, like go to Europe, see the ocean, run a marathon, lose 20 pounds, get a better paying job, buy a new outfit, write a book, etc, etc.

I've decided that rather than talk about these things, I'm going to do it. Where there's a will there's a way. Hence the following story from New Year's Eve. I related my experience with a dear friend of mine. She posted the following on her blog. I did not allow her to use my name. But in the past few days I've realized this is all part of doing new things and getting rid of the inhibitors. Enjoy...

What a way to start 2009: I'm SO jealous!
So I finally was able to chit chat today with my one of best friends from back home. She's been a good friend and roommate to me over the last couple of years and has been especially forgiving of my "Katezilla" personality. She will remain nameless so I can recant this intimate story she shared with me today. I'm so excited for her!My friend is about to turn 31 and ever since I have known her, she has wanted to be married and have kids. She will be a fabulous wife and mother someday, it just hasn't come together yet.

When she turned 30, she resolved to branch out more, be more social, and take more of an initiative. I think all three of those things came together last night for her. She has been running around with some guys from her single ward who were hosting a New Year's party. She decided that she wanted to get a New Year's kiss (who doesn't?) from one of her friends. Now, keep in mind that my friend has only kissed ONE guy her entire life, and she only kissed him once! I know what you're thinking: "How is that possible that a fabulous, gorgeous, talented, and available woman has only been kissed once?" I don't know the answer but I can tell you, fabulous reader, that at this point in the story, I was literally squealing for her! That is a big step for her just to think that, let alone go after it!

So midnight rolls around and my friend had worked her charm and magic (in a non-slutty, temple-worthy way, of course) and she got that New Year's kiss! Yea nameless friend!!! I am so ecstatic for her! But, wait for it, it gets better! Another guy from the party pulled her over the arm of the couch and kissed her as well!!! She tripled the amount of kisses she has received in her lifetime in two seconds!!! (I don't even know how many guys it would take for me to triple my kiss roster... hmm... add that to my list of resolutions... no more kissing... hmm, well... as much anyway!)

This story represents everything that is good, to me, about the New Year. I'm so proud of my friend for getting those two (totally G-rated and totally friendly) kisses!!! It showed me that any fears I had when I was making my resolution list last night at 11:54 pm cannot hold me back. Only I can hold me back!!! Let this be a lesson to us all! In the words of my lovely mother: "YOU GO GIRL!"