Saturday, March 7, 2009

And The Award Goes To...

A few weeks ago for a Family Home Evening activity, we had our own Academy Awards. Previous to this activity we were put into groups and made movies, infomercials, and music videos. Half the fun was being creative while filming.

For the night of the event, we were encouraged to wear our DI (Deseret Industries) best. I was unable to find a lovely dress and couldn't round up an old Prom dress. Instead I went as an Audrey Hepburn look-alike. I got the dress and matching earings from another favorite second-hand store for $5.

In case you were wondering...our movie did get an award and I didn't cry during my acceptance speech.

Ya Gotta Love It Baby!

Because of a generous man, who not only led me to my current job, but encouraged me to apply, I got free tickets to a Jazz game. The first game that I ever went to, when I was kid, was when they played at the Salt Palace. Mom won some tickets to the game on a radio contest. We were all so excited to go. This was a first for all of us. Our seats were the very last row at the top. But, we were at a Jazz game. And that was pretty awesome.

Each time I go to a game, I get one row closer to the court. I finally made it the second row in the upper balcony. Someday I'm going to enjoy the sweat of one of the players as it's flung across the court and lands right on my face. Someday!

I invited my friend Elanor to go to the game with me. She's a huge Jazz fan and this was her first time attending a real game. Right away she got into the fun. She was shaking what her mother gave her and cheering for her favorite players.

After the game, we got to go down on the court and shoot hoops. Elanor took a few shots and then sunk a basket that would put Deron Williams to shame.