Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here Chickie, Chickie

I got really ambitious this year for Halloween. Last weekend I did the green witch thing, see below, and decided I wanted to have a different costume for Halloween.

This past Monday at work I came across a picture of a chicken costume. I was inspired and all of sudden felt ambitious. I had an "a-ha!" moment and thought "I can make that." Due to an inside joke with some former roommates, chickens have a special place in my heart, which made this costume even better.

When the work day was over, I ran to my nearest second hand store and lucked out. I found the boas I needed and a few other accessories. I even managed to find some orange tights on sale. A few hours later and after a few handfuls of glue sticks and many burned marks on my fingers, I had myself a chicken costume.

The only downfall is that I molted all day long and spent 2 hours the next day vacuuming all the feathers in my car and from every room in my house.