Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Precious Gift From God

The other evening I had the privilege of holding my sweet little niece, Jayne, while she slept. There is nothing more precious than a new baby sleeping peacefully in your arms. I was alone with her. The house was quiet, and the only lights that were on were those found on the Christmas tree. As Jayne slept, I enjoyed the quiet moment to reflect back on thoughts I had had earlier in the day during a lesson in church.

We had an amazing lesson that compared the birth of John to the birth of the Savior. The teacher compared their parents, where they were born, and the lives that they would live. She also shared information, that was new to me, and gave me a new perspective on what Mary and Joseph went through to bear the Christ child.

As I sat there holding Jayne, I thought of how Mary must have felt when she held her new baby. I am only Jayne's aunt and can't imagine how a mother must feel holding her own child. But, I wondered what little Jayne would do in her life and what she'd become. I wondered what her personality would be like. I was curious if she would be anything like her older sister, Audrey, who is more fun than we ever imagined possible.

I wondered if Mary had any idea of whom and what her son would become. Did she know that he would become the Savior of the world? Did she know that he'd be a perfect example to all?

During this Christmas season, my thoughts are turned to Christ; but especially to his mother and the heartache she suffered and the sacrifices she made in order to give us the most perfect gift of all.

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Shels said...

Great post, thanks for the insight. What a beautiful time of year! :)